Spiritual Care

Our Spiritual Care  is committed to providing the finest spiritual care coupled with healing skill, compassion, and respect for human dignity. Consistent with the hospital's or institution's belief that sound educational programs enhance the quality of patient care, the  Spiritual and Religious Caregiver offers a fully accredited Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program within a multi-disciplinary setting.


Yoga and Ayurvedic Therapy
Individual or Small Group guidance by qualified yoga Teachers catering to specific individual needs to alleviate and the eventual elimination of diseases.

training and treatment will involve :


   Yoga Asanas





   Ayurvedic Preparations


The Chaplains are available for everyone. We are happy to help you in any way we can. If you need help or advice at any time please feel free to ask to speak to a Chaplain. We have information on local temples and other places of worship as well as contacts in the local community. 


Personal Help
Occasionally we all need someone to help us through difficult times in our lives. All the Hindu Chaplains are here to give whatever personal support we can should you need it. Everything is treated in the strictest of confidence. 


Religious Enquiries
Are you seeking to deepen your faith or are you struggling to understand what it is you do believe in? The Hindu Chaplains have a variety of experience of different religious traditions, we are very happy to help you explore your own Faith without expecting you to join any particular denomination or creed. So do not be afraid to ask the questions of us or to approach us with anything that is on your mind. We respect each individual's right to their own beliefs. And we can often refer you to other people where appropriate. 



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