How you can help ...

Support your neighborhood hospitals and the Hindu Dharma Mission by making a gift or financial donation.  When you make a gift or a financial donation you are supporting the overall mission of the hospital, Hindu Dharma Mission or any other institution housing patients, residents, inmates, students or employees by providing appropriate, adequate and qualified spiritual and religious care, medical treatment, teaching and research.


Blood Donor Center
Many blood donation centers across Canada provides full service for blood donation. Donating blood is a great way for volunteers to provide support for our patients. 



Volunteer Opportunities
We have many volunteers at neighboring hospitals,  who help with anything from patient and family support to customer service. Our hospital volunteers are talented and generous, eager to perform their volunteer jobs. Volunteering at is a wonderful volunteer opportunity for anyone interested in making a difference in the lives of our patients and their families. To learn more about volunteering opportunities, volunteer programs and how to become a hospital volunteer, contact your nearest hospital or Hindu Dharma Mission.



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