North Americas first Hindu Chaplaincy established in 1992. Hindu Dharma Mission caters to the specific and unique Spiritual and Religious needs of Hindus in various publicly funded institutions in Canada.     

Hindu Dharma Mission (Canada) (HDM) and its affiliates        
  • Hindu Campus Ministry

  • Hindu Medical Consultants                                   

  • Hindu Family Services

  • Hindu Children Fund


in conjunction with the

College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (Canada) (CPSP)

Offers training for qualified Hindus interested in a career as Hindu Spiritual and Religious Caregivers (Hindu Chaplains).

HDM offer training in the performance of Hindu Rituals (Poojas) and Hindu Sacraments (Sanskaras) as well as discourses in Hindu Theology. CPSP provides Supervised Units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) for HDM certified students. Field training is done in diverse multifaith institutions housing either patients, students, residents or inmates, preferably under the supervision and mentorship of CPSP qualified Hindu Chaplains who are Diplomates. 

HDM and CPSP qualified Hindu Chaplains can apply for Chaplaincy (Spiritual and Religious Caregivers) position in publicly funded institutions such as:  





        Correction Institutions

        Homes for the Aged

        Mental Health Institutions

        Shelters for Women and the Homeless

        Rehabilitation Centres

Pandit Suraj D. Persad is the President and CEO of Hindu Dharma Mission (Canada). He is the first qualified Hindu Chaplain and Diplomate in North America. He received the CPE and Diplomate training from the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (Canada). He is also recognized as a qualified chaplain in the United States of America. As a Hindu Chaplain, he has been affiliated with Universities, Hospitals and other publicly funded Organizations in Canada, that are directly involved with Spiritual and Religious Care, for over ten years.




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