Qualifications of a Hindu Chaplain:

The specialized spiritual and religious need of those who are either patients, residents, inmates, employees or students and who consider themselves Hindus must be provided by a qualified Hindu Chaplain officially affiliated with the institution housing these individuals. The qualifications required are consistent with those outlined in the Ontario Multifaith Council on Spiritual and Religious Care (OMCSRC) Policy Manual.


Theological Qualification:

The applicant must provide a letter of reference from each of the following;


        The institution from which Theological training was obtained

        A senior Minister or Priest from the Hindu tradition

        An individual from the Hindu community who holds a public position of responsibility


Academic Qualification:

       An undergraduate degree from a recognized university or the equivalent

Theological Experience:

The applicant must provide a letter of reference from and institution or organization indicating that:

  •    The applicant has at least three years experience in the performance of Hindu Religious Rituals and Sacraments (Rights of Passage) in a public institution

  •      The applicant is a member of a recognized Hindu Religious Organization operating within the Province of Ontario and/or Canada


Pastoral Qualification:

        At least 2 units of Supervised Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) from any certifying organization as recognized by the OMCSRC

     Certification in Hindu Pastoral Training from a certifying Hindu organization such as Hindu Chaplaincy Services


Pastoral Experience:

At least one year experience as a Pastoral Visitor in a publicly funded institution




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